Medics told us what the consequences of coronavirus will be for life

Medics told us what the consequences of coronavirus will be for life

Recently, doctors have found out that all patients with coronavirus tend to high blood pressure.

Hypertension was the result of a violation of the elasticity of blood vessels. So far, doctors do not know whether this symptom is temporary or permanent.

Unfortunately, this is not the only unpleasant symptom that can wait for the patients.

The most common thing that patients complain about is expressed weakness. Such that there is no strength for anything. Patients describe their condition as if they carry a cent of cement on their shoulders – so hard to walk and can hardly breathe.

The second most common disease is paresthesia, a constant sensation of tingling, torsion in the extremities. Muscle pain may occur due to a disturbance of magnesium-calcium metabolism.

In addition, some convalescents complain about the feeling of tingling in the extremities. The lack of air and loss of sense of smell, which can not be recovered.
The probability of development of coronavirus consequences depends primarily on the age of the patient, the severity of the disease and his state of health before coronavirus.

Overweight, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and other chronic diseases increase the risk of development of the above described lifelong effects of coronavirus.