Meghan Markle admitted to “unfeminine” habit after a couple of drinks

Meghan Markle admitted to "unfeminine" habit after a couple of drinks

Meghan Markle used her old blog, The Tig, to share details about her life, what she loves and what she hopes to change about herself. As an actress, she gave television interviews, gave speeches and shared details about her life on the blog. These details are one of the many reasons people love the Duchess of Sussex, who seems “normal” and natural.

In addition to sharing her hopes and dreams, travel and food tips, Meghan has used the blog to confess some of the things she’s shy about, including an “unladylike” habit that escalates after a couple of drinks.

In a New Year’s Eve post in early 2016 – the year she met Prince Harry – she wrote that she makes the same two resolutions every year – to stop biting her nails and swearing, but she can’t seem to get over it.

“I start swearing the moment a couple of drinks come over my feeling overworked or provoke a rush of intense sass. And when it comes to biting my nails – well, it still happens when there’s turbulence on a flight or during a busy day. It’s not befitting of a lady, though,” the duchess-to-be confessed to her followers.

Markle went on to say that in 2016, she would like to learn how to treat life with humor.

“To laugh and enjoy, to maintain high standards, but also to have a higher level of acceptance of myself. My New Year’s resolution is to leave room in life for magic. To make plans and take it easy if they sometimes get disrupted. To set goals for myself, but to be open to change. To let the magic know that I have an open door policy in 2016 and that I can always join in on something incredible. I invite you to do the same,” Megan wrote at the time.

On New Year’s Eve 2021, Meghan and Harry posted a postcard-style photo online in which a facial expression and gesture specialist suspected something was amiss. In her opinion, the family is wary of being open to criticism and more.