Melania Trump voted in the US presidential elections without a mask

The wife of the President of the United States Melania Trump voted in the US presidential election. Reported by USA Today and Bloomberg.

The agency notes that she was the only person at the polling station without a mask.

US President Donald Trump voted early in the presidential election on October 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida. He came to the polling station wearing a mask. Trump explained his wife’s absence from the polling station by the fact that she wants to vote on the main election day.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden also voted early. At the polling station, he was with his wife, Jill.

Elections in the United States are held according to a two-tier system: first, voters choose between presidential candidates at a polling station. After the votes are counted, an electoral college is formed in each state, which on December 14 must elect a president. They will vote according to how voters in the state voted.