Members of the City Council of Minneapolis, advocating the dissolution of the police, hired bodyguards

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council hired a private company for personal protection. Previously, they voted to eliminate the local police. It costs taxpayers $ 4,500 a day.

This became known on the same day that the council voted 12-0 to dissolve the Minneapolis Police Department. “I’m worried about the large number of white nationalists in our city and the threatening messages I receive,” Board Member Andrea Jenkins said in an interview with Fox 9 News. She then added that she had requested personal security since she took office in 2018.

The city spent $ 63,000 to defend Jenkins and two other council members, Philip Cunningham and Alondra Kano. This happened over the past three weeks after threats against them intensified.

All three initiated the movement to abandon urban police forces in favor of the “peacekeepers” and a “holistic, health-oriented approach” to law enforcement.