Men went to a sex game with a mop but made a mistake at home

In Australia, two men hired to participate in a sex game accidentally entered the wrong house. It is reported by the BBC.

The incident occurred last summer. A resident of the city of Griffith hired two men to realize their sexual fantasies: he wanted them to penetrate his house, tied and tickled with a mop.

For these services, the customer promised to pay up to 5 thousand Australian dollars (this is about 3.3 thousand US dollars) – in case the performers do everything “very well”.

At some point, the customer moved, but the performers of his sex fantasies did not warn about this (according to other sources, he simply indicated the wrong address in the order).

The real owner of the house where the performers arrived, noticed the light in his kitchen. But he did not attach any importance to this, deciding that it was his friend, who sometimes came in to make coffee for himself.

However, later he heard that he was being addressed by a stranger, opened his eyes and realized that two strangers bowed over him – in their hands they held a machete, a mop and other props prepared for a role-playing game.

They addressed him on behalf of their client. However, the owner of the house said that such a person does not live here.

In the end, the two men with a machete and a mop realized their mistake, apologized and left. And the owner of the house called the police, who soon detained intruders.

According to Australian media, one of the men has already been acquitted in the case of penetration into someone else’s home. The judge who examined this case called his circumstances “unusual”.