Mexican leader criticizes opposition criticism lies about the epidemic

History of the issue

Cases of infection with the new coronavirus causing pneumonia with unusual symptoms have been reported in most countries in Latin America.

The first case of COVID-19 infection in the region was reported on February 26, 2020 in Brazil. If at first the cases of infection were “imported”, then residents who did not travel abroad began to become infected with the new virus.

Despite the fact that confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are observed in 15 countries of the region, the number of people infected and died from pneumonia caused by coronavirus remains relatively small compared to Asia, Europe and the United States.

Nevertheless, the countries of Latin America are hastily taking measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus: they close the borders, send all those who have arrived from countries with an unfavorable epidemiological situation according to COVID-19 to quarantine, stop air traffic with these countries, send school and university students on forced vacations, cancel mass activity.

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Panic in Mexico’s conservative press over the coronavirus pandemic was criticized by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on July 12 in a video message on his Twitter page.

The President emphasized the presence in the yellow press of a large number of panicky and exaggerated judgments, to which he attributed attempts to compare the situation in Mexico in terms of the number of deaths from COVID-19 with the situation in other countries.

He noted that the press has launched a campaign against the Deputy Minister of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, whom the president considers a professional. Obrador believes that the attacks on the official are due to the fact that what the Conservatives hoped did not happen.

Regarding the comparison with other countries, the president said that it is possible to compare only in terms of the number of deaths per 100 thousand people.

“In the UK, for every person killed in Mexico there are 2.4 deaths, in Spain – two, in France – 1.6, in the USA – 1.5, in Brazil – 1.2,” he stressed, noting that this proves that the opposition is lying on the pages newspapers.

As of July 12, 30006 people died in Mexico due to COVID-19, the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached almost 300 thousand people.