Mexican president failed to sell his dream liner

Mexican president failed to sell his dream liner

The Mexican authorities held a loudly announced lottery in order to raise funds to support the country’s health system. The idea of ​​raising funds through a lottery, according to The Times, arose after the authorities failed once again to sell the Boeing 787 Dreamliner presidential plane, the proceeds of which were originally supposed to go to support the healthcare system.

The aircraft was purchased in 2012 by the previous president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who only used it once. Andres Obrador, while still running for president, accused the authorities of excesses, and the presidential Boeing, he said, was one of the clear examples of such excesses. The plane then cost the country’s budget $ 127 million, and the subsequent refurbishment and equipping with amenities for the president, including a marble bath, required another $ 80 million.

After becoming president, Obrador set a goal to sell Dreamliner, Kommersant reports. However, in the two years that Obrador has been in charge of Mexico, no buyer for the presidential plane has been found. Therefore, President Obrador decided to hold a new lottery, during which to collect $ 120 million and donate it to health care.

Lottery tickets sold for 500 pesos ($ 23), with nearly 60% of the country’s workers earning less than $ 350 a month. Advertising the action, the authorities said that 100 winners could receive a prize of $ 1 million.

However, as it turned out, citizens bought only 4.2 million out of 6 million tickets, which only raised 2.1 billion pesos ($ 99 million). The names of the winners have not been disclosed, and it is not yet known whether Mexico’s health care system will receive the long-promised funds. Meanwhile, the president’s Boeing remains unsold.