Mexican women joined the fight against the drug cartel

Mexican women joined the fight against the drug cartel

In the province of Michoacán, local women have taken on the leadership of the fight against one of the local drug cartels.

According to the women, who have joined the fight against drug traffickers, members of the mafia groups kidnapped and killed most of their relatives. The AP reports about it.

Thus, the Jalisco drug cartel has taken control in the province, which is Mexico’s largest exporter of lemons and limes.

According to one woman who spoke out against the criminal group, members of the drug mafia kidnapped her brother. Another woman had her 14-year-old daughter kidnapped.

The women armed themselves with assault rifles and automatic firearms. They patrol the roads and dig defensive trenches. And with the help of steel plates welded to the body, the women built something like an armored vehicle out of a pickup truck.

And many of the female militiamen are pregnant or have small children who also have to be taken with them on duty.

“We’re here for a reason – to get justice by any means necessary, because if we don’t do it, no one else will,” said one of the female members of the militia.