Michael Jordan to donate $ 100 million to fight racial discrimination

11 months ago

American basketball player, former NBA player Michael Jordan and his name brand Jordan Brand will donate $ 100 million to combat racial discrimination

The corresponding statement is published on the official website of Nike, with which the athlete collaborates.

$ 10 million will be donated over 10 years to organizations fighting to end racial discrimination, social justice, and equal access to education.

The statement was made amid mass protests in the United States that began after the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd at the hands of policemen in Minneapolis.

“Jordan Brand is us, a black community. Jordan Brand is more than one person. We have always been a family. A proud family that overcomes obstacles, fights discrimination in communities around the world and works every day to eradicate racism and injustice … Black lives matter. This is not a controversial statement. Until the deep-seated racism that allows our country’s institutions to collapse is completely eliminated, we will continue to strive to protect and improve the lives of black people. Today, we announce that Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand will donate $ 100 million over the next 10 years to organizations working on racial equality, social justice and access to education, ”the statement said.

Earlier in the social networks of the brand, Michael Jordan’s appeal was announced in connection with the death of Floyd.

“I am deeply saddened, filled with sorrow and anger … I join those who condemn racism and violence, rooted in society and directed against people of color in our country. Enough. I have no answers, but our voices show that together we are strength and it is not easy to separate us. We need to listen to each other, sympathize and never turn a blind eye to cruelty. We need to continue peaceful performances, demanding justice and transparency, ”the athlete noted.

According to Forbes, 50 million will be donated personally by Jordan, another 50 million will be allocated by Jordan Brand. This is the largest donation made by brands in response to the assassination of George Floyd and the protests.

In turn, Nike will donate $ 40 million in support of the black over the next 4 years.

REFERENCE. Jordan Brand is a signature shoe and sportswear brand created by renowned basketball player Michael Jordan. The athlete signed his first contract with Nike in 1984. His name line for Air Jordan shoes has grown into a separate brand and has become one of the most profitable in the history of Nike.

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