Michelin patented electric motor for motorcycles

Michelin patented electric motor for motorcycles

The patented electric motor will help the motorcycle travel at low speeds and improve thruster

Not many motorcycles are known to offer a rear-mounted engine (the unusual Ural sidecar motorcycle and the big Honda Goldwing race bike). In addition, many of them have small and light engines that cover the needs of the motorcycle entirely. However, the heavier the motorcycle, the harder it is to move. Now a new Michelin patent will help motorcycles get around.

The French company, which is known for its tires, has patented a rear fender and mudguard design. The patent includes a tiny electric motor that can be fixed in place, coming into contact with the rear wheel and providing electrically powered movement.

In theory, the motor could move the vehicle forward and backward, making it much easier to maneuver at low speeds.

The 3.6-volt battery pack (similar to the units used in many electric screwdrivers) has enough torque to move the motorcycle in parking lots or gas stations or to assist with ramp entry.

Because the design uses a battery pack and friction roller, it is completely self-contained and can be mounted on any number of motorcycles. In the alternative design, the motor is placed in front of the wheel in line with the swingarm. Naturally, it is unknown if this product will actually appear as a result of this patent, but such patents show the direction in which the companies intend to go.