Michelle Obama told how the White House of Melanie Trump passed on

Michelle Obama, wife of former U.S. President Barack Obama, told how she helped Melanie Trump settle into the White House after Donald Trump won the 2016 election

Despite disappointment with the election results, she and her husband tried to conduct a smooth transfer of power with respect. She wrote about it in Instagram.

The votes were counted and Donald Trump won. That was the decision of the American people. And one of the most important duties of the presidency is to listen to what the people have to say. So my husband and I instructed our staff to respectfully spend with Trump what we did with George and Laura Bush - a smooth transfer of power in the White House. It's one of the signs of American democracy," Michelle writes. 

She said she and Barack Obama invited the Trump team and prepared detailed memos for them. But Michelle notes that it was not easy for her, because Trump was spreading ‘racist lies’ about her husband. She says she couldn’t forgive it, but had to put her anger aside for the sake of the country.

So I congratulated Malania Trump at the White House and talked to her about my experiences, answering all the questions she had - from the increased attention that accompanies the role of the First Lady to raising children in the White House," she wrote. 

The former first lady believes it was the right decision because American democracy is much more than someone’s ego, and the president’s chair does not belong to one person.

Michel called on the country’s leaders to respect the electoral process and to conduct a smooth transfer of power