Micro soft unveiled Windows 11

Microsoft unveiled a new version of the Windows operating system at a presentation on June 24.

The new Windows differs from previous versions by its updated design, including the Start menu, control panel and other system elements. The operating system is based on the developments of Windows 10X, developed for hybrid devices with two screens, such as the Microsoft Surface Duo.

At the presentation it was noted that the system takes up less space. The company calls Windows 11 the largest system update in 10 years.

The application windows became translucent and the corners became rounded. It adds Snap Layouts for more ways to lay out windows more quickly. Holding down the full screen button brings up options for two, three, and four windows with different proportions. The Start menu has moved to the center of the taskbar. However, you can move it to the corner if you want, as it was before.

Windows 11 will return support for widgets, which was in Windows 7. However, the feature will be implemented in the manner of macOS.

Also, the system will support Android applications available in the Amazon App Store. At that you will need to download them through Microsoft Store and they will work as full-fledged programs for Windows.

Microsoft emphasized that the upgrade to Windows 11 will be free for all users of the licensed Windows 10. Testers will get Windows 11 at the end of June, and regular users will get it in waves.