Microsoft has banned “forcibly” update Windows 10

On a PC with “unsupported settings”, updates manually launched by users are blocked

Microsoft has secured itself from an excessive number of complaints and has forbidden users to “forcefully” update computers with “unsupported settings.”

As we already wrote, the latest major Windows 10 update (version 2004 or May 2020 Update) turned out to be very problematic and could potentially cause the Blue Screen of Death in a large number of cases. The list of officially recognized problems in Windows 10 May 2020 Update is impressive and long. Microsoft does not distribute the update on PCs with “problematic” configurations and recommends that users do not install the update using the Media Creation Tool until the problems are fixed.

Nevertheless, there were quite courageous and brave users who decided to update the system no matter what. Now such “violent” attempts to install Windows 10 May 2020 Update began to be suppressed by Microsoft. According to users, according to the message that appears, the update is blocked due to “unsupported settings”.

Users are frustrated not only by an unsuccessful attempt to upgrade, but also by a vague explanation without any specifics, which complicates attempts to find and eliminate the cause of the block.