Microsoft has stopped Windows 10 updates

6 days ago

Microsoft has stopped the release of Windows pre-builds, which may be due to a major update to the system.

Journalists have noticed that the American corporation has stopped releasing the Insider Preview builds for developers. Such builds contain updates, which then appear in current versions of the operating system. At this moment the relevant is the beta-version 21390, which is likely to remain the last for Windows 10.

According to experts, the suspension of updates may be related to the upcoming release of a major Windows update. In this regard, the company wants to keep new features of the operating system secret until the release of the OS. “The anticipated surprise effect of the system release could be even greater,” the authors noted.

Microsoft has stopped Windows 10 updates

Journalists and bloggers expect the release of a massive update called Sun Valley, which includes a system redesign and new features. Earlier insiders suggested that the code name hides a full-fledged Windows 11.

Presentation of the new version of Windows will take place on June 24. First the new software will be tested by Windows insiders, then it will be available to the general public in the fall.