Microsoft mocked Apple’s laptop

5 months ago

Microsoft has criticized Apple laptops because of the lack of a touch screen in their ads. The corresponding video was published on the company’s YouTube channel.

Judging by the video, a young man compares two laptops – Surface Pro 7 from Microsoft and Apple MacBook Pro. The actor points out that the MacBook has a touch strip above the keyboard, while the entire screen of Microsoft’s device is touch-sensitive. “Why didn’t they make the whole display touch-sensitive?” – the reviewer wonders.

The actor also notes that the Surface Pro 7 comes with a stylus, and its keyboard – unlike the MacBook Pro – detaches from the case. In addition, the author emphasizes that the computer from Microsoft can run any application and even games. At the end of the video, the young man specifies that Surface Pro 7 is cheaper than Apple’s computer – $890 versus $1,299.

Judging by the special marker, the video will be shown at the Super Bowl, the final game of the 2020 season of the U.S. National Football League. Major companies usually prepare a series of ad integrations for this event. The video, published on the corporation’s channel, received more than half a million views in three days and more dislikes than likes – five against 2.8 thousand.

The current laptops from Apple – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – were presented on November 10. What distinguished the devices from earlier computers was the presence of the Apple M1 processor. The cost of MacBook Air is from 99.9 thousand rubles, MacBook Pro – from 129.9 thousand rubles.

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