Microsoft talks about the consequences of “killing” Windows 7

Microsoft talks about the consequences of "killing" Windows 7

Termination of support for Windows 7 has caused a succession of upgrades to more modern operating systems.

The statement of the corporation, associated with the publication of the quarterly financial report, noted the success of the new operating systems. According to journalists, Microsoft is positive about the demand for Windows 10 after “killing” the outdated Windows 7. “In 2020, revenue growth from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) licenses grew by one percent despite the previous year’s strong performance,” the company said in a statement. Meanwhile, revenue from Windows 10 license sales specifically in the home user segment grew 24 percent.

The corporation said the increase in license sales was one of the consequences of the end of the Windows 7 support cycle in early 2020. Representatives of Microsoft predicted the preservation of stable demand in the personal computer market in 2021. Also analysts of the American company believe that in the gaming segment demand will be very high, which is associated with the release of the new generation of consoles Xbox Series X and S.

Journalists have noticed that the computers running Windows 7 in most cases are also suitable for Windows 10. However, PC upgrades are required to access some of the new OS features. The authors stated that Windows 7’s market share is slowly declining, although the operating system is still running on about 20 percent of computers connected to the Windows ecosystem.

Earlier, journalists noticed that the success of Windows 7, recognized as obsolete on Jan. 14, 2020, is due to the fact that users of the OS are not willing to pay to upgrade to the new version. Specifically, 22 percent of consumers said they found the operating system released in 2009 easier and more convenient than Windows 10.