Microsoft will take Windows users down with their product ads

Microsoft will take Windows users down with their product ads

The company literally swamps computer owners with advertising of its products and services, and some banners are even impossible to close or minimize.

Some banners appear when you install cumulative updates, but most of them appear on the desktop when you turn on your computer. Advertising from Microsoft literally fills the user with messages.

The first advertisement appears in the operating system settings, where the company offers to try new products and “enjoy all the features of Windows”. If you click on the “Forward” button, the whole screen will open a window that cannot be minimized or closed. On it the owner of the licensed copy will be offered to turn on Windows Hello, connect to the system smartphone, use a free subscription to Office, install a new browser.

The second banner recommends switching to a new browser Edge, which will replace the outdated Microsoft Explorer. Journalists have noticed that the message appears even if Edge is already installed in the system.

The third message also deals with the entire computer screen – the user is offered to subscribe to Office, offering a discount of 50 percent or a free period of one month.

Sometimes advertising can be closed by choosing the option “No, thank you”. In some cases you can skip ads by clicking on the button “Remind me in 3 days”. In this case, the advertisement message will appear in three days.