11 months ago

Military helicopters deployed in Washington to disperse protesters

11 months ago

US military helicopters in the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia on Tuesday night several times passed over crowds of protesters at low altitude to disperse the crowd. This was reported on Tuesday by Fox News.

When flying at low altitude, helicopters make a loud noise and raise a large amount of dust into the air. A similar tactic, the channel notes, is used to intimidate people. According to eyewitnesses referred to by Fox News, UH-60 Black Hawk and UH-72 Lakota helicopters were involved.

Other American media outlets report the appearance of the military on the streets of the US capital on Tuesday night after President Donald Trump announced that he could use the army to curb riots. According to Stars and Stripes, police and military engineers arrived in the District of Columbia, but they are still outside the city. A USA Today correspondent reports on “military equipment and military personnel” on the streets of Washington, although it does not specify what kind of equipment it was.

According to Trump, the federal government is ready to use the armed forces to restore law and order in areas where major unrest has occurred in recent days. However, outside the metropolitan area, this requires the consent of the state governor.

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