Military to deploy sensor network in oceans

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on the Ocean of Things program. Within its framework, a network of sensors in the oceans and seas will be created. As stated, they will collect various scientific data in order to better study the reservoirs.

The sensors will be located on drifting buoys. The Xerox PARC Research Center was awarded the contract for their manufacture. The company initially needed to develop 1,500 buoys with 20 sensors. The latter are powered by both solar cells and built-in batteries. The sensors include microphones, accelerometers, and video cameras. So far, all 1,500 buoys have been deployed in the bays of Southern California and the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, Xerox PARC needs to manufacture 10,000 more buoys with sensors, albeit more compact. Journalists suggest that DARPA in this project pursues not only scientific goals, but also military ones.