10 months ago

Minneapolis police banned strangulation methods

10 months ago

A Hennepin County court in Minnesota has banned Minneapolis police from using asphyxiation while detaining African American George Floyd after the death, CNN reported.

So, city law enforcement officers are forbidden to grab people’s necks and use asphyxiation techniques. In addition, police officers must report any cases of unlawful use of force during detention. In case of violation of this requirement, representatives of law enforcement agencies face severe punishment.

Earlier, United States Secretary of Justice William Barr stated that it was necessary to prohibit police officers from using asphyxiation methods against detainees, except in emergency situations.

It is worth noting that the death of Floyd caused unrest in the United States. The incident with an African American occurred on May 25. A Minneapolis police officer used a choke technique to detain a man. Floyd screamed that he was choking, but law enforcement officers did not pay attention to it. As a result, the man died in intensive care.

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