Minneapolis Police Cut Tires of Cars Parked in George Floyd Protest Area

11 months ago

Two Minneapolis law enforcement agencies admitted that their employees were forced to cut tires on cars parked near protests over the death of George Floyd. The incident was captured on video.

It was repeatedly seen how armed officers puncture tires of nearby cars, while complaints from their owners had previously been reported. On Tuesday, documentary film producer Andrew Kimmel posted a video showing that all four tires of his rented car were damaged. In addition, other cars parked nearby were also affected. Twitter users watched his video over 1.3 million times.

Minneapolis law enforcement authorities said it was a necessary measure during the protests. Bruce Gordon, spokesman for the Department of Public Security, said patrols cut tires in several areas.

He explained that this strategy was being used to prevent the crowds of demonstrators and police from being raided, as such incidents occurred repeatedly throughout the United States. In addition, he said, the police also targeted cars that could contain objects that could be used as potential weapons, such as stones, batons, and concrete containers.

“Although this is not a typical tactic, vehicles were used as dangerous weapons and impeded our ability to clean up areas and provide security in areas where violent protests take place,” he said. Anok County Sheriff, Lieutenant Andy Notz, said his district police also cut tires. He said that the officers are following the instructions of the State Interdepartmental Command Center. Notz also explained that towing cars was not possible, because tow trucks were not able to reach the required places due to protests.

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