Minneapolis Protests Cost Tens of Millions in Damage

Rebuilding the third section of Minneapolis, damaged in the riots following the death of George Floyd, will cost $ 10 million, a local government report showed.

The site was set on fire and ransacked a few days after Floyd’s death, causing the officers to leave the building. In addition to the major repairs, the city will need another $ 289,000 to replace 911 services.

An additional $ 225,000 is needed just to clean up the site and $ 5,000 for paper shredding services, according to Star Tribune. Another $ 1 million will be spent on overtime pay for police, firefighters and public officials.

Demonstrators stormed into the precinct after police on the roof tried to disperse the protest with tear gas. The officers on the roof were evacuated by helicopter after the building was set on fire.

Gov. Tim Walls has requested $ 16 million in federal aid due to widespread rioting and damage to government property.