Missing soldier Vanessa Guillen beaten to death at a military base

The other day, police discovered the remains, which, according to preliminary data, belong to Vanessa Guillen, who disappeared a few weeks ago. Lawyers for the deceased’s family claim that she was beaten to death at the base where she served.

Private 1st Grade Vanessa Guillen of Fort Itch was hammered to death in the weapons room where she worked, a family spokesman said. The killer took the body outside the base, so the girl was considered missing.

The main suspect is Aaron Specialist David Robinson. Guillen had previously planned to file a complaint of harassment and harassment by Robinson. Lawyers believe that he found out about this, became furious and brutally killed the girl. Robinson committed suicide during an attempted arrest by the police.

Representatives of Fort Hood have not yet commented on the circumstances of the case. The military prosecutor’s office conducts its own investigation, as does the civilian one.

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