Morally Suppressed Trump vs. Biden’s “Puppet of the Left”

In America divided and hated, there is at least one very happy person today. This is a resident of Fort Lauderdale, former political strategist Trump Roger Stone.

The sentence to his longtime friend and adviser (Stone was threatened with three years and four months), the US president softened shortly before he was supposed to go to jail. The political strategist was accused of giving false testimonies about his communication with Julian Assange after he published on WikiLeaks the data stolen from Clinton’s server. Stone in the so-called case of Russian intervention was made a scapegoat.

The arrest (under cover of night the special forces broke into his home) turned into a show flogging from the special prosecutor Mueller. The detention on air broadcast CNN. Democrats triumphed, but now for them a rainy day has come. The witch hunt is over. They are taken for hunters.

“This is a defiant gesture, a message to people: if you lie for me, cover me, I will reward. And if you are a rat, cooperate with the investigation, then like the mafia boss, I will come after you,” said Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee US House of Representatives.

Who should definitely look back is the former British spy Christopher Steele. It was he who commissioned the Democrats to fabricate a scandalous fake about Trump’s adventures in Moscow, which eventually sprouted a scandal about alleged Russian intervention. Recently, the judge of the High Court of England and Wales, Mark Warby, ruled that the ex-spy MI6 violated the law on confidential data. “He will sit,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “This person should be extradited, put on trial and imprisoned. A sick liar who was paid by the lying Hilary and the Democrats,” Trump said.

Democrats and the liberal press clearly stood behind the latest stuffing about the situation in Afghanistan. The New York Times issued several articles stating that Russia supposedly pays the Taliban for killing Americans, and the US president, like an agent of Moscow, knows everything from scouts, but refuses to move a finger.

Then patience snapped even with Colin Powell, who has been on the knife with Trump for a long time. “I know one thing: our generals in the places of deployment do not believe that the problem is as serious as it is presented by newspapers and television. General Mackenzie confirmed that this problem is not as great as it is presented. Do not forget that the intelligence community will not go to war with these guys, and our soldiers. Our commanders will deal with this threat on the basis of intelligence, verified and accurate. That’s what we are doing, but everything turned into a tantrum, “said the former US Secretary of State.

What has not yet been turned into hysteria in American politics is not so easy to say. Here’s how, for example, the pavement in front of the Trump Tower in New York looks like. On the pavement – a huge inscription Black Lives Matter. The mayor of New York came to Fifth Avenue with a yellow roller and so succumb to the US president, along with professional black defender Al Sharpton, on Fifth Avenue. While drawing. in Di Blasio curses flew from the discontented citizens.

New Yorkers are shocked by the rampant crime. The liberal mayor, dismissing, makes it clear: it will be even worse. Law and order are not a priority for him.

The Stop, Search program, which allowed the police to stop suspicious weapons, was introduced by previous mayor Michael Bloomberg. Fighting crime, he continued the work of his predecessor, the former prosecutor Rudolf Giuliani, who became at the helm of New York in 1994. Now the dashing 90s are returning to the largest US city. In June, the number of cases of shooting increased by 120%, killings increased by a third.

“I used to think that he is the worst mayor in the history of the city, but now this is his stigma for life. Think about the contradictions. On the one hand, we must distance ourselves and wear masks, but if you protest, you can also stand by spitting and cuddling and you won’t have any coronavirus, ”Giuliani said.

Giuliani is now Trump’s personal lawyer. It protects him from the Democrats, who blame the US president for the fact that the coronavirus has become a real disaster for America. 63 900 cases per day. A new and already seventh in 11 days anti-record of infectious statistics.

The Texas governor, where the situation is rapidly deteriorating, is threatened with total quarantine. In Florida, since the state was discovered, the number of reported cases of the epidemic has grown by 1237%. But Trump demands at all costs to open schools in the fall. Against the governors and democrats, and doctors.

“By the end of this year, mortality rates from coronavirus will reach 220-250 thousand Americans. This does not take into account mortality from the indirect consequences of this virus: heart attacks, cancer, etc. The increase in mortality will be incredible. This is a failure,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, oncologist , Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress.