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More than 3,500 attacks on Asians in the U.S. during the pandemic

1 month ago

According to a new report, at least 3,795 attacks and acts of hatred against Asian Americans occurred during the pandemic.

“Time and time again we are seen as outsiders who should be excluded, imprisoned, deported,” said Russell Jeung, co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate. Over the past year, Asian Americans have not only experienced lockdowns, they have also faced an increase in verbal and physical assaults and become scapegoats because of COVID-19.

A new Stop AAPI Hate report shows that in the last year alone, from March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021, there were at least 3,795 hate incidents against Asian Americans. While the report does not include data from previous years for comparison, other data show that the number of such attacks has increased dramatically, the authors say. According to the California State University Center for Hate Studies, while the total number of hate crimes decreased by 7 percent in 2020 in 16 major U.S. cities, hate crimes against Asians increased by 149 percent, peaking for the first time in March and April, during the first lockdown.

Of the incidents documented by Stop AAPI, 68% involved verbal abuse and 11% involved physical assault. “Conscious avoidance” accounted for 20%. Civil rights violations, such as workplace discrimination or company denial of service, accounted for 8.5% of reports, and another 6.8% were about online harassment.

Women reported assault more than twice as often as men, and Chinese Americans made up more than 42% of victims.

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