Most Americans give up their traditional New Year’s Eve pledges for 2021

Most Americans give up their traditional New Year's Eve pledges for 2021

Usually all people want to start their lives anew on January 1, so they give traditional New Year communication. However, in 2021 many people either change their views about such decisions or give up on them altogether.

Most often in recent years, Americans have promised to go on a diet, lose weight, eat healthier food, or play sports more often. This time their thoughts are more focused on saving money for the future (62 percent) and learning new skills (50 percent).

According to a new study, seven out of ten Americans are giving up their New Year’s Eve pledges for 2021. The OnePoll survey, conducted on behalf of Affirm, also showed that more than half of respondents plan to improve their budget in 2021, and another 49 percent hope to pay off their debts.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they want to move away from “traditional” solutions to focus more on the experience, such as spending more time with family (53 percent) and more traveling (49 percent).

Nearly six out of 10 (58 percent) respondents also said their 2021 decision would be to maintain a more positive view of life. In fact, 65 percent do not even consider their plans as promises – rather, as “intentions” for the new year.