Most Americans Support Police Reform

11 months ago

A new Reuters / Ipsop poll found that most Americans, including Republicans, support widespread US police reform proposals.

Even the majority of Republican Party supporters and President Donald Trump support the changes that need to be made to law enforcement, including the prohibition of strangulation and racial profiling. A national survey, conducted June 9-10, shows massive public support for the Democrats bill, which proposed a series of changes for police across the country. This bill was a response to protests after the death of George Floyd.

The survey showed that 82% of Americans want to ban police from using asphyxiation, 83% want to ban racial persecution, and 92% want federal police to wear body cameras. It also turned out that 89% of Americans want police officers to give their name, number, and reason for stopping. Another 91% support independent investigations by police departments in cases of misconduct.

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