Most Americans Wary of Taking Future Coronavirus Vaccine

Well-known American epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the COVID-19 vaccine may not give the US massive immunity because too many do not want to take it.

Foci says he will agree to a vaccine that is 70–75% effective, but this incomplete defense, combined with the fact that many Americans don’t believe in vaccination against coronavirus, makes it unlikely that immunity can form in violence. He believes that vaccine release may not be a sufficient solution to suppress an outbreak, as many Americans are already abandoning it.

With government support, it is expected that three coronavirus vaccines will be studied in large-scale clinical trials over the next three months. “The best we have ever received is a measles vaccine, which is 97–98% effective. I don’t think we will do it this time. I would agree to a 70-75% effective vaccine, ”Fochi emphasized.

Herd immunity is when a sufficient part of the population is immune to an infectious disease either because of a previous infection or because of vaccination, so the spread of the virus from person to person becomes unlikely.