Mother of four Utah children saves $ 300 a month by mining everything they need in trash bins

10 months ago

According to Stacy, in the trash you can find absolutely everything you need – from food to soap and party decorations. For a woman, this is not only a hobby, but also a way to save money: in a month, Cole manages to cut costs by $ 50- $ 300.

Stacy was born in a poor family and from childhood got used to take care of everything until the last cent. To make ends meet, her mother and father learned to find use even for someone else’s rubbish – and did well on this. “Parents worked hard for all that we had, and this made things only more valuable. – the woman recalls. “From waste they created a wonderful life for us all.” When she grew up, she adopted this habit. “It seemed wrong to act differently from the way they taught me. – Cole explains. “Besides, I never understood those who used to thoughtlessly spend money.” Stacy’s first husband did not share her views, and, in the end, their differences ended in a divorce. She is now married to Danny – who fully supports the woman in all endeavors. Children – the 12-year-old River, 10-year-old Molly, 8-year-old Thomas, and 6-year-old Wesley – are also delighted with their mother’s creative approach. The woman assures that she thoroughly sterilizes all new acquisitions and never uses the missing products.

“We are very thrifty,” Cole adds, “and we are not ashamed of delving into the trash in search of things that add color to our lives.” The family takes far from everything that it finds in the garbage. They sell some finds online or at flea markets, give something to friends, and some donate to charity. “I hope my example will prove that living simply and frugally is no worse — and maybe even better — than littering with money. – says Stacy – I help those in need, reduce the amount of waste. “I would like others to understand how incredible life can be if you show a little ingenuity.”

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