Mount Fuji will be closed for the summer climbing season because of the coronavirus

12 months ago

Mount Fuji will be closed for this year’s summer climbing season to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading. Shizuoka Prefecture, where the country’s highest mountain is located, has announced the closure of three of the four main routes to the top of the mountain, AFP reports.

“The routes open in summer, but this year we will keep them closed from July 10 to September 10,” said a representative of Shizuoka Prefecture. “We are taking this measure not to spread coronavirus,” the official said.

For the first time since 1960, the 3776-meter-high volcanic mountain tracks will be closed.

The decision was made after neighbouring Yamanashi Prefecture announced that it would close the Yoshida Trail, the most popular hiking route. The mountain huts along four routes will also remain closed.

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