Musk talks about the first human government on Mars

Musk talks about the first human government on Mars

Elon Musk believes that humans will soon be able to establish a colony on Mars.

The founder of SpaceX said that, most likely, the first human flight to Mars could take place in the next six years.

Musk also revealed how the human colony on the Red Planet will be managed. The Starlink project’s user agreement states that when providing satellite services on Mars, all parties, including the intended colonizers, must understand that Mars is a free planet.

The document states that no earthly state can declare its right to Mars. Matters on the planet will be decided on the principle of autonomy, which will be based on goodwill.

Musk noted that a government on Mars would probably be formed as a direct democracy.

“People would vote directly on current issues rather than making decisions through representatives, as in many countries on Earth. This approach is better because it almost eliminates the possibility of corruption,” he said.

Lawyers who have studied the Starlink agreement doubt that it will be SpaceX that can establish an independent Martian nation, as there are similar provisions in other space treaties in recent years.