Myers Impressed by Wiseman’s Summer Pickup Games Dedication

James Wiseman appears to be in good health and is making the most of his time.

As Bob Myers, president of basketball operations, and general manager of the Warriors’ team facility in August, pointed out to reporters Thursday night: “The 21-year old’s presence at this facility is proof that it’s a great place to play basketball.”

Myers stated that the good news was that he has played a lot of this summer and that he is getting better each day. He can’t do this if he isn’t healthy, but he has been healthy.

“We track a lot of the pickup games and he is the only one at the facility who played in all of them, which is very nice.”

Myers said it best when Wiseman’s story since being drafted No. 2nd overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, Golden State. His development has been difficult. He’s suffered from COVID and injuries that have hampered his progress.

After recovering from the injury to his right knee in April 2021 Wiseman is now ready for training camp in 2022-23. This will be his first season in the NBA. Myers believes that Wiseman’s attendance at every pickup game prior to camp’s beginning speaks volumes about the young Warrior. Myers stated that Wiseman was tired, so it shows a work ethic and a health component. There is no swelling. He’s happy that he is healthy. He can now start his work… It’s all about clarifying his role and putting him in positions that will allow him to succeed.

Wiseman, surrounded by championship DNA, is in one the best places for a young player. Myers hopes that Wiseman, a third-year professional, continues to improve his ability to read coverages and understand schemes as training camp begins. He knows it will take time for Wiseman reach his full potential.

He was there for every summer pickup game.

Myers stated that Wiggins had to spend a few years learning how to play with the guys. It’s not an easy system. Some players can jump right in, but others take a while to get it right.

Wiseman is finally ready to make the right decision after much waiting.

The Warriors are certainly encouraged by the things they have seen so far from him.

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