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Mysterious phenomenon on Saturn explained

Mysterious phenomenon on Saturn explained

British scientists have explained the phenomenon of the “hexagon of Saturn” – a continuous hurricane on the planet. The results of the study were published in the publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the mysterious phenomenon is explained by the movement of anticyclones in the bowels of the planet and heat transfer processes. The study says that convection occurs in the outer layers of the celestial body, and self-organized turbulence in the form of giant vortices forms complex geometric forms of the atmospheric phenomenon. The corresponding conclusions were made after three-dimensional modeling of the hexagon of Saturn in the laboratory.

Experts had two hypotheses for the appearance of a hexagonal hurricane. According to the first, the storm is formed by small particles raised into the air at an atmosphere of about 10 bar. According to the second, the atmospheric phenomenon occurs due to very low pressure and the constant rotation of the planet around its axis.

The hexagon of Saturn was discovered in the 1980s during the mission of the Voyager 2 probe, due to lack of information, scientists could not estimate the true extent of the storm, deployed thousands of kilometers. In 2004, the Cassini spacecraft approached the sixth planet from the Sun, which transmitted high-quality images of the phenomenon to scientists.

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