Named a Moore Inventor Fellow is Jarad Mason

Jarad Mason, an assistant professor of chemical biology, was selected as one of the Moore Inventor Fellows. In 2016, the program was established to celebrate this 50th year anniversary for Moore’s Law which predicted the rapid increase in computing power, the program is a celebration of Gordon Moore’s enthusiasm in science and his penchant to invent.

“The Moore Inventor Fellowship recognizes the potential of innovation to address issues and transform our global community,” said Harvey V. Fineberg the director of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. “We are thrilled to be able to recognize the diversity of ideas, disciplines and methods that are embodied in the group of Fellows.”

His invention by Mason will be a strong refrigerant that can provide long-lasting cooling to a world that is warming ever more. Mason’s research team uses the techniques of synthetic chemistry and nanoscience to create materials that tackle fundamental scientific challenges in energy and medical research.

“We are thrilled to assist another exceptional group comprised of Moore Inventor Fellows at universities all over the United States,” said Adam Jones, science program officer. “These awards will allow the fellows to take on risks and push their ideas up to the next stage.”

“I greatly appreciate this assistance from the Moore Foundation,” said Jarad Mason. “Thus will allow our group to accelerate significantly our efforts towards commercially viable and efficient barocaloric cooling systems.”

Others Moore Inventor 2022 Fellows are: David Burghoff, University of Notre Dame; Rebecca Pompano, University of Virginia Amir Safavi Naeini, Stanford University; and Stefanie Sydlik, Carnegie Mellon University.

The foundation received more than 200 nominations. From these, five fellows were chosen. Each fellow is awarded a sum of $825,000 for three years to help advance their idea and receive $50,000 annually from the institution they are from to help these exceptional individuals.

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