Named the effects of excessive hand washing

11 months ago

Excessive body hygiene against the background of a coronavirus pandemic can harm health. This was reported in the report of specialists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), published on the organization’s website.

Specialists drew attention to the frequent cases of appeals of the population to clinics and toxicological centers. As a rule, people complained about health problems after using toxic disinfectants, such as bleaches, vinegar, ammonia solution. It turned out that with frequent hand washing and household cleaning products, people wanted to protect themselves from coronavirus.

The CDC conducted a study in which 502 American adults were interviewed. It turned out that 39 percent of respondents used unsuitable skin disinfection agents, applied toxic substances to exposed skin, or inhaled vapors from them. At the same time, the majority of respondents confirmed that they are familiar with hygiene recommendations and the consequences of using household chemicals. 68 percent knew that they needed to wash their hands after using toxic agents, 73 percent aired the room after bleaching or powdering the surfaces.

Most often, Americans who applied to the clinic — 11 percent of patients — complained of inflammation of the nasopharynx, eight percent of the cases were irritation of the skin, eyes, dizziness, and headache. The remaining patients — six percent in each category of cases — went to the doctors because of nausea or breathing problems.

The CDC concludes that handwashing, particularly with skin antiseptics, is the best prophylaxis for viral diseases. Doctors clarified that before using toxic agents to disinfect rooms, it is necessary to protect exposed skin and respiratory organs, as well as read the instructions.

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