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Named the main coronavirus peddlers

Named the main coronavirus peddlers

The main method for the spread of coronavirus infection is called super-proliferators – infected, who transmitted COVID-19 to a large number of people. About this writes Business Insider.

Hong Kong scientists examined the spread of the infection and concluded that 70 percent of those infected do not transmit the infection at all. At the same time, 80 percent of infections occur through the fault of 20 percent of carriers. According to experts, they have become the main carriers of infection.

“Supervisors are appearing more often than we expected, and now this cannot be considered an accident. The frequency of superproliferation goes beyond what we could imagine, said study co-author Ben Cowling. “If we can stop super-proliferation, it will benefit all people.”

Scientists have analyzed more than a thousand cases of coronavirus infection in Hong Kong from late January to late April. Of these, about 350 arose as a result of distribution by representatives of one group, and the rest were imported from abroad. Six cases of super-proliferation have been reported that have affected more than half of the infections within the community.

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