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Named the number of deaths during the riots in the United States

Named the number of deaths during the riots in the United States

At least 11 people died during the mass protests and riots in the United States that began after the murder of black guard George Floyd. This number was called the American television channel KTLA-5.

The victims were residents of Chicago, Detroit, Omaha, Davenport, Auckland and Louisville. Most of the dead were black. In Omaha, a 22-year-old African-American was killed. Together with his accomplices, he beat a white man. The latter had a gun with him, from which he shot one of the attackers. At the same time, hundreds of people across the country were injured, their exact number is impossible to establish.

Earlier it was reported that during the protests in Auckland, an employee of the Federal Security Service (FSO) was killed. He and his partner received gunshot wounds. The partner managed to survive.

American authorities have already predicted retribution for death among black people. According to the writer Eugene Robinson, such a drama has been repeated in the United States more than once: people are protesting, they are promised reforms, they are not being carried out. And so on until the next unjust murder.

In dozens of US cities, protests against police brutality over the death of a black man injured in a gross arrest in Minneapolis have been taking place for several days. In some cases, protests are accompanied by riots, clashes with the police, robberies, looting and pogroms.

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