10 months ago

Named the timing of becoming Biden official rival of trump

10 months ago

The nomination of former US Vice President Joe Biden as the country’s presidential candidate from the Democratic Party may occur on August 20. The approximate terms were named by CNN TV channel sources.

The formation process is expected to take place on the last day of the nationwide Democratic Congress in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to be held August 17–20. Most likely, Biden will be at the congress on the last day of his work, sources say. It is expected that just then he will be declared the official rival of the current US President Donald Trump.

CNN writes that the event program is still being finalized due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The leadership of the National Committee of the Democratic Party plans that during the days of the congress certain events will be held in US cities: among them Charlotte, Detroit, Philadelphia and Phoenix. The live broadcast will go to Milwaukee. According to sources, the duration of the events had to be shortened, however, Biden’s allies expect the largest American television channels to broadcast the congress for several hours every night.

June 6, it became known that Biden received a sufficient number of delegates to nominate a presidential candidate. He scored 1993 votes with the necessary support of the 1991 delegate. His closest rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, received 1,042 votes. However, in April he refused to continue the fight.

Official candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States should be nominated at national congresses, which will be held from August 17 to 20 and from August 24 to 27, respectively. The current head of state, Donald Trump, is the undisputed leader among Republicans.

US elections are scheduled for November 3, 2020. According to the latest survey from the University of Monmouth, 52 percent of respondents are ready to vote for Biden, 11 percent less for the current president. For a month, Biden strengthened its position by 2 percent.

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