Nancy Pelosi’s house was doused with fake blood and a pig’s head planted under her door

Nancy Pelosi's house was doused with fake blood and a pig's head planted under her door

The home of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco was sprayed with graffiti, doused with fake blood and tossed a pig’s head under her door.

It is noted that the vandals attacked the house on New Year’s Eve. They wrote “$2,000 (crossed out)”, “Cancel rent” and “We want it all” on her garage door. A strip of fake blood was poured under the door and a pig’s head was placed on it. Police took photos of the crime scene, but no arrests have yet been reported.

On Dec. 29, the U.S. Congress approved a one-time financial aid bill for all Americans. The payout amount was $2,000. Previously, the amount was $600. At the same time, an additional $600 will be allocated for each child instead of the previous $300.

The direct payments are intended for people with incomes less than 75 thousand dollars a year, also the package provides subsidies for companies in the most affected industries (for 284 billion dollars). Also in the new package is aid to the transportation industry (including $15 billion for airlines), schools ($82 billion) and universities, as well as vaccine and food supplies, and about $284 billion will be allocated for affordable loans to small businesses.

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