NASA commented on Rogozin’s statement on U.S. sanctions

NASA commented on Rogozin's statement on U.S. sanctions

NASA simultaneously supports cooperation with Russia and the U.S. position on export controls, the United States space agency told TASS in response to a request to comment on a statement by Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin regarding the imposition of restrictions on some state corporation enterprises.

“NASA supports all U.S. efforts to ensure that U.S. technology is not diverted for unauthorized military applications,” the U.S. space agency said.

They added that NASA and the U.S. Commerce Department will continue to “support civilian space cooperation,” particularly activities related to the International Space Station (ISS), taking place “in cooperation with Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan.”

Earlier, the Roscosmos director general commented on sanctions imposed by the United States against some of the state corporation’s enterprises, in particular the Samara-based Progress Rocket and Space Center (RSC), which produces the Soyuz-2 medium rockets that are used to deliver the manned Soyuz MS spacecraft to the ISS. “Isn’t it a little early, colleagues, if your “trampoline” breaks again and you have to satisfy your passion for space again from our well?” – Rogozin declared. The manager called the US-imposed restrictions stupid and illegal and called to cancel them.

In the same month, ArsTechnica editor Eric Berger drew attention to Rogozin’s “unhealthy fixation” on SpaceX, which, according to the journalist, could have been caused by the success of this American company.