NASA Develops New Rules to Prevent Space Microbes from Earth

The United States National Aerospace Agency has updated its Planetary Defense Policy to reduce the spread of bacteria from Earth to outer space.

Although space seems to be endless compared to our planet, NASA wants to protect it from biological pollution – so that people do not spread microorganisms during flights to the moon and beyond. In any case, no matter how small we are – and especially our microbes, the dirt is dirt, and the agency wants to minimize the “removal of litter from the hut.”

The first update “concerns the control of advanced ground-based biological pollution associated with all NASA’s in-orbit missions and flights to the moon.” The Agency requires that no biological sheds remain at the astronauts’ landing sites, even microscopic ones.

The second supplement indicates that when humans fly to Mars in the future, there should be no direct or reverse pollution. That is, people should not clog Mars and not bring biological material from the Red Planet home.