NASA has announced the date of the return of astronauts SpaceX Crew Dragon to Earth

11 months ago

Before returning home, several tests will be carried out inside the ship

The SpaceX Crew Dragon, with astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Benken aboard, will return to Earth in early August, NASA reports on Twitter.

“It seems that the first opportunity to undock and return home will be around August 2,” said program manager Steve Stich.

According to him, before returning home, Hurley and Beneken will sleep inside the docked Crew Dragon for a living test.

“The crew will practice equipment, emergency procedures and everyday tasks,” Stich said.

Recall that on May 30, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft from the second attempt left the Canaveral in Florida for a manned flight to the International Space Station. The Falcon 9 booster rocket entered the Earth’s orbit. After launch, the first stage of the rocket successfully returned to Earth and landed on a platform in the Atlantic Ocean. After 19 hours, the ship docked with the International Space Station.

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