NASA has funded the creation of the spaceship SpaceX, which will deliver people to the moon

NASA entered into three major contracts for the development of moon landing systems as part of a program to return US astronauts to the surface of the Earth’s satellite as early as 2024.

Thanks to these contracts, America is approaching its intended goal of returning astronauts to the moon by 2024. We are waiting for an incredible moment when we see the first woman stepping on the satellite’s surface, “said NASA administrator Jim Brydenstein.
SpaceX received a contract for $ 135 million, and these funds will be used to create the super-heavy Starship spaceship, which is currently in the active development phase.

Starship will be able to deliver to the moon (in the future and to Mars) up to 100 passengers
“The SpaceX team promised a demonstration of the flight and landing the ship without a crew in the near future. They are good not only in flights, but also in the ability to identify errors, quickly correct them. These parameters provided them with funding. As for the person Elon Mask, he will achieve desired. He is focused on success, “Brydenstein added.
The second contract worth $ 579 million was received by Blue Origin, which creates the Blue Moon lunar landing module.

A third contract worth $ 253 million was handed over to Dynetics, which, in alliance with Sierra Nevada, creates a reusable spacecraft to fly to the moon using the United Launch Alliance Vulcan rocket.

After 10 months, NASA will look at the results of hard work and decide to whom to transfer key funding.