NASA publishes a plan for the first woman to land on the moon

The US National Aerospace Agency has updated information on its Artemis program, including Phase 1 of the first woman landing on the lunar surface in 2024.

“With bipartisan congressional backing, our 21st century moon trip is on America’s list of immediate goals. We are returning to the moon for scientific discoveries, economic benefits and inspiration for a new generation of explorers. ”Said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

In its official plan, NASA shows the progress of the mission by identifying key scientific and technological milestones, including testing the Orion rocket.

After a successful firing test, the main stage will be sent to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for integration with the spacecraft. The agency will jointly launch the SLS launch module and the Orion rocket for two test flights around the Moon to test performance, life support and communications capabilities. The first unmanned mission, known as Artemis I, is scheduled for 2021.