NASA scientists may have found a parallel universe “next to ours” after an experiment in Antarctica

11 months ago

Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) say they may have found evidence of a parallel universe in our neighborhood.


According to a Daily Star report, a cosmic ray detection experiment conducted by several NASA researchers discovered particles that could have arisen outside of our own universe.

A group of experts conducted experiments with the Antarctic Impulse Transition Antenna NASA (ANITA). They used a huge balloon to tow the ANITA high above Antarctica, where there is cold, dry air, which provides excellent conditions for its use, since there are practically no radio noise that can distort its results.

ANITA is a device that detects neutrinos of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays.

These high-energy particles are a million times more powerful than everything that we can create here on Earth, and these neutrinos are an object of keen interest for astrophysicists, since these are the only particles that can reach the Earth without interference.

Found possible evidence of a parallel universe?

According to the report, low-energy neutrinos can easily pass our planet, practically without interacting with anything.

At the same time, high-energy particles are retained by the solid matter of our planet, which is why these high-energy particles are detected as “descending” from space.

But in 2016, the ANITA team recorded a tau neutrino (a heavier particle), which ascended “up” from the Earth, which may mean that these particles move backward in time and may be evidence of the existence of a parallel universe.

This strange phenomenon was reported by a group of NASA scientists led by Peter Gorham, a particle physics experimenter at the University of Hawaii, and also a key researcher at the ANITA project.

The discovery of tau neutrinos happened by chance, as Gorham and his team decided to investigate signals that were ignored as noise in the first two flights of the device, New Scientist notes.

The only explanation

In an attempt to explain the strange discovery, Gorham suggests that the particle changed its type before it passed through the Earth and then changed back. According to the scientist, this is the only way this could happen. But such a hypothesis does not suit everyone.

Even a single thing can happen extremely rarely, but the team has witnessed this phenomenon several times.

Moreover, the simplest and most elegant from a scientific point of view explanation is connected with a parallel universe. This means that at the time the Big Bang occurred, two universes arose, and everything in the other world, including time, was moving in the opposite direction.

That is, it is completely mirrored to our world.

However, there is a likelihood that the results arose due to any error made by ANITA. But if this is not so, it can finally prove the existence of parallel universes.

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