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NASA suggested sending a mission to Neptune’s satellite

NASA suggested sending a mission to Neptune’s satellite

The American agency NASA is considering the possibility of sending a mission to Triton – the largest satellite of Neptune

This was reported in NASA.

According to astronomers, the study of the satellite of Neptune Triton will help to better understand how the planets evolved in our galaxy.

The mission may be called Trident and will examine the magnetic field to determine the presence of the ocean, as well as measure the activity of the geyser loops on the satellite.

However, the study may be planned for the fall of 2025.

It is noted that the Triton satellite is known for rotating in the opposite direction to Neptune, and its ionosphere is 10 times more active than that of any other planetary satellite in the solar system.

It is specified that Triton has a very low surface temperature, as well as its rarefied atmosphere, consisting of nitrogen with impurities of carbon monoxide and methane. Today’s research suggests that there are seasonal winds on the surface of this satellite.

At the same time, earlier the engineer of the NASA mission to study Saturn, Janel Wellson, stated that Triton could theoretically be considered for the future colony of mankind in space.

“Titanium is the only place besides the Earth, on the surface of which there is liquid in the form of lakes and seas. This liquid is made of methane, but, armed with the right protective equipment, theoretically you can swim there without harm, ”she said.

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