NASA will open the International space station for tourism, and any person interested will be able to get there

Do you want to buy the ticket for the space station? NASA promises that this will soon become a reality. National management on aeronautics and a research of space (NASA) plans to open the International space station for commercial business, in that number of tourism. On Friday, June 7, NASA declared that it will allow any person interested to visit MKC – the only place where people currently live outside the planet.

The pleasure will not be cheap. To sleep on the beds of the station and use its facilities, including air, water, internet and toilet, will have to pay $35 thousand per night. In addition, the tourist will have to pay for the flight there and back to the carrier company. Ilona Mask SpaceX is likely to take care of the flights.
“For us, this is a completely different way of doing business,” said William Gerstenmaier, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Research and Operations, at a press conference in New York City’s Nasdaq. This solution can also help solve questions about the future of the space station. Trump’s administration made a fuss last year when it proposed to stop federal funding the International Space Station by the end of 2024 and move to commercial alternatives.