NASCAR Modified Title At Riverhead Raceway With Victory Given By Kyle Soper

Kyle Soper of Manorville collected his fourth NASCAR Modified championship over the last 5 years on Riverhead Raceway Saturday night when He won the 50-lap main race for his 29th career win , moving Soper to 11th place on the list of all-time wins. Soper has also recently won another New York State NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series title due to his four wins on the Wayne & Joette Anderson owned machine.

Chris Turbush led early over Chris Rogers who ran second for the first three laps of the race. Soper was 7th in the 16-car field, passed Chris Rogers to finish second on lap 4 and a few moments after that, the yellow flag was blown, and the race was halted. The field was then rearranged. Turbush took the top spot, leaving Soper the middle position. Once the race resumed, Soper drove to the lead of the race to begin on the 5th lap. After he was out front, Soper along with his teammates were the only ones to have their Eastport Feeds Chevy on rails and he would lead the rest of the 45 laps without a challenge. Chris Turbush of Wading River was 2nd in the Lolly’s Hut Chevy with Dylan Slepian from Dix Hills second on The Eastport Feeds entry earning him second place in the 2022 championship race.

“Just cannot say enough good things about Wayne & Joette, my Dad and this team. All event was flawless” Soper boasted afterwards. The winner also announced his plans for racing in the fall, “we’ll got to Thomsson within two weeks, and then we’ll definitely try to secure an additional Islip 300 win on the 12th of November”.

In a long, forty-lapper Late Model finale Dave Brigati from Calverton The opening night winner finished his campaign in the same way began it, with his second victory of the season. Following Ed Cheslak showed the way during the opening four laps in the caution-plagued race, Dave Brigati, who began 6th, ducked beneath Cheslak to take the lead out of turn four when the field began to begin lap 6. Brigati appeared to be in his way to victory until lap 22, when Mark Stewart came from 14th to catch Brigati on the outside to claim the lead. Stewart was leading until the 27th lap when Brigati took back the lead, which that he wouldn’t surrender again on the way to his 8th career victory with the Coors Light Chevy. Mark Stewart of Riverhead impressed by finishing second at the Foos Fire entry, while Shawn Patrick of Brightwaters recovered from a spin in the race to regain the third spot on the Matlach Fabricating racer.

In his third place performance Shawn Patrick, a 30-year veteran of the racing world, won his first Late Model championship.

Owen Grennan of Glen Cove laid a wreath on the 2022 Eagle Auto Mall Crate Modified season by winning the fourth feature race of the year , and clinched his first ever track championship at the same time. Vinny Delaney was able to take the lead in the early races ahead of Max Handley but Handley would be among the three racing cautions flags during lap 2 after the driver slid off Delaney’s rear bumper and onto the wall of the third turn. When things calmed down Delaney maintained the lead, along alongside Owen Grennan, who started 7th in the field of 20 cars, currently in second. Grennan was able to make the winning move as they took off down the backstretch lap 11, squeezing under Delaney to claim the lead. After a few laps on the 15th turn AJ DeSantis got by Delaney for second place, and then closed on Grennan but it was close enough to be the best it gets. The checker came in. Owen Grennan and his Dillner Precast team had already won a race in 2022 as well as the track championship ahead of Chase, his brother. Chase. AJ DeSantis of Yaphank was second in the Strong Oil Chevy, while Vinny Delaney from Islip Terrace was 3rd in Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm mount.

Allan Pedersen of Center Moriches won the 2nd Figure Eight victory of 2022 in the main event of 20 laps the final race in the Miller Lite Triple Crown Series. Gary Fritz Jr. paced the race for the first five laps, but Allan Pedersen came calling, becoming the leader on lap 6. After he was in front of the Top Notch Performance Chevy, Pedersen did not look back as he took his third career victory. Gary Fritz Jr. of Mastic Beach came in second place in the sponsorship-driven Cadillac and Scott Pedersen of Shirley placed third in the Land, Air & Water Environmental Camaro. With the third place finish, Fritz was able to secure his Miller Lite Triple Crown Series title. In 2022, the Figure Eight title will be determined on Sunday afternoon, as the classes race in back-to-back races due to an early season washout.

The 20 lap Blunderbust finale , the class put on the green-to-checker race which ended with Jim Laird Jr. of Riverhead getting his second win in 2022. The newcomer Joe Densieski showed the way in the opening six laps. Tom Puccia and Brandon Hubbard taking second place early in the race. On lap 4, Laird who was fourth, climbed to second place and two laps earlier made a powerful move to the left of Densieski when he entered the first turn, taking over for the entire race. When Jim Laird Jr. put the Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm Chevy out front He never looked back and he racked up his 12th career victory, which tied his record with Ed “Bubba” Zwickel 8th place on the list of all-time wins. Cody Triola of bay Shore won his second consecutive Blunderbust title with a runner-up place on the Cesspool Pros entry, with Brandon Hubbard of Mastic third in the United Exhaust Shop racer.

Jack Handley Jr. of Medford got his third win of 2022 as he won his 20 lap Super Pro Truck finale. Mark Stewart seeking his first victory of the season was leading at the start, but after lap 2 Handley who was driving Stewart’s previous vehicle, made an outside pass to claim the lead in the race after lap 3. Stewart was chasing Handley till the lap 15 when Stewart’s truck began to disintegrate which allowed Sean Glennon and Lou Maestri to pass. With only five laps remaining in the race, it was a daunting task for Glennon to take Handley into the race and then overtake Handley in the next lap. At the end Jack Handley Jr. pocketed his first career win of 16 at the River Walk Bar & Grill Chevy and his next victory will make him the second fastest driver in history behind Frank Dumicich Sr. for the top spot in history. Sean Glennon of Northport clinched the 2022 Super Pro Truck championship on the basis of his second place score for the LTE Drainage entry, while Lou Maestri of Deer Park placed second on the Hunter Business School Chevy. Lou and his wife Tracy handed Handley’s team their Joe DiGangi Crew Chief of Race trophy with a cash prize of $150, as well as a beautiful trophy.

“Blankets” Joey Braun of Manorville was able to record his 10th career victory by beating the 20 lap INEX Legend Race Car feature event. Chris Sinatro showed the way at the start of the race, winning the first three rounds of the race. He won first Mike Van Houten Jr. and later Jim Sylvester. But Joey Braun was on the shift from his sixth starting spot and, by lap 3, was able to climb up to second. Braun did not waste time his quest for the race lead payout when he made a swerve under Sinatro at the turn 3 to claim the lead in the 26-car field that began on the fourth lap. When he was in front, Braun riding on the papa Carmine’s Hot Peppers machine led the entire race to his third victory of the year and a win that puts him tied with Chris Young for sixth on the list of all-time wins. Riely O’Keefe, of Manorville made a tough week in the shop into winning the Get Clear, Crystal Clear Window Cleaning race along with Ray Fitzgerald also of Manorville third on the EP Milling and Sweeping machine.

NASCAR Modifieds: 1. Kyle Soper 2. Chris Turbush 3. Dylan Slepian 4. Jack Hanldey Jr. 5. Justin Brown 6. Dave Brigati 7. Chris Rogers 8. Owen Grennan 9. Chris Young 10. Eric Zeh 11. Howie Brode 12. Matt Brode 13. John Beatty Jr. 14. Brian Brown 15. Artie Pedersen III 16. Jason Agugliaro

Late Models: 1. Dave Brigati 2. Mark Stewart 3. Shawn Patrick 4. Brian Doyle 5. Ed Cheslak 6. Jeremy McDermott 7. Gerard Lawrence 8. Scott Cheslak 9. Ray Minieri 10. Frank Dumicich Jr. 11. Paul Cummings 12. Brandon Turbush 13. Brian Brown 14. Rusty Turbush 15. Jimmy Rennick Jr. 16. Kevin Metzger 17. Chris McGuire 18. Alyssa Paprocky DQ- Russ Jansen

Crate Modifieds 1. Owen Grennan 2. AJ DeSantis 3. Vinny Delaney 4. Terry Stiles 5. Kyle Ellwood 6. Jason Agugliaro 7. Alex Colasanto 8. DJ Doyle 9. Chase Grennan 10. Kenneth Massa 11, Eric Hersey 12. Dennis Krupski 13. Michael Berner 14. Mike Albasini 15. Mark Wolf 16. Charles Macwhinnie 17. Matt Brode 18. Scott Denis 19. Max Handley 20. Nick Morabito

Figure Eights: 1. Allan Pedersen 2. Gary Fritz Jr. 3. Scott Pedersen 4. Ken Hyde Jr. 5. Cody Triola 6. Joe Warren Jr. 7. Bryan Quilliam 8. Ryan Warren 9. Vinny Delaney 10. Kim Hyde 11. Paulo Miguel

Blunderbusts: 1. Jim Laird Jr. 2. Cody Triola 3. Brandon Hubbard 4. Tom Sullivan 5. Bill Wegmann Jr. 6. Bill Wegmann Sr. 7. Cassandra McCormick 8. Brad Bess 9. Tom Puccia 10. Joe Densieski 11. Eddie Diaz 12. Steve Neenan DNS- AJ DeSantis

Super Pro Trucks: 1. Jack Handley Jr. 2. Sean Glennon 3. Lou Maestri 4. Mark Stewart 5. Joe Cerabino 6. Frank Dumicich Sr. 7. Rob Corwin 8. Ethan Brown

Legend Race Cars: 1. Joey Braun 2. Riely O’Keefe 3. Ray Fitzgerald 4. Jason Castaldo 5. Nick Morabito 6. Richie Davidowitz 7. Kyle Ellwood 8. Jim Sylvester 9. Eric Hersey 10. Chase Van Houten 11. Chris Sinatro 12. Anthony Marsh 13. Jeff Farruggia Jr. 14. Mike Van Houten Jr. 15. Pat Moore 16. Ray Stulz 17. Jayden Glennerster 18. Donald Doran 19. Peter Fallon 20. Kevin Ohrnberger 21. Robert Henninger III 22. Michael Collier 23. Mike Benton 24. Ed Stadtlander 25. Jake Curran 26. Charlie Hodge

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