NATO head warned US about “high cost” of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has warned that the alliance will pay a “high price” for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan allegedly planned by incumbent US leader Donald Trump. ABOUT

“We are facing a difficult decision. We have been in Afghanistan for 20 years, and no NATO member wants to stay there longer than necessary. But the price of too early and uncoordinated departure can be very high, ”the Secretary General said in a statement.

He stressed that the alliance has never had less than 12,000 troops in the country, and about half of them were American soldiers. The NATO military contingent, Stoltenberg said, is counting on US forces in transport, logistics and support.

Over the past week, there have been reports in the media that US President Donald Trump intends to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before leaving office. It is believed that for this purpose he dismissed the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, who opposed such a decision.