NATO sees danger in creation of common EU army

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the creation of a common army of the European Union is dangerous, because it could divide Europe and weaken the North Atlantic Alliance

No formation will be able to replace NATO. At the same time, he welcomed EU defense efforts.

“It must be guaranteed that Europe and North America will stick together. Any attempt to weaken the bond between North America and Europe will not only weaken NATO, it will also divide Europe,” the alliance secretary general stressed.

In addition, Stoltenberg added, it is also a question of money, because 80 percent of the alliance’s defense spending is on allies that are not members of the EU. And such countries as Britain, Norway, Iceland, the United States, Canada and Turkey (non-members of the EU) play a key role in ensuring European security, Reuters wrote.

According to him, attempts to create parallel structures and duplicate the command system would only weaken cooperation due to limited resources.

As Stoltenberg concluded, no specific proposals for the creation of an EU military have been discussed with the North Atlantic Alliance.